Birdy Brighton

Birdy is a quirky chirpy delight with a poem in her heart and a stylus in her hand. She has loved storytelling and doodling for as long as she can remember, and is grateful to have found her true passion. Creating Children's Books is a wonderful outlet for her imagination and she hopes to engage curious minds of all ages. She continues to further her education in art and storytelling, volunteers for her local audubon group, and has released her VERY FIRST book Strange Beauty.

Wow! What a creative book of poems! Cool way to learn about some very unique creatures! For kids and adults of all ages. Love the illustrations!”

— Natalie Long

Strange Beauty is a book of engaging characters, and delightful poems exploring our planet's exotic creatures. Birdy dares to ask the question, "What if  the powerful Mantis Shrimp was a hopeless romantic, or the odd and ugly Goblin Shark considered a beauty queen in our ocean's deepest darkest waters?" Birdy believes that the end of a good book is only the beginning of a real world adventure! She urges her readers to go out and discover more about these intriguing critters!

Be on the lookout!

Katydid has been several months in the making! Birdy is very excited to share Katydid's singing screaming adventures with the world.