Who am I?

  • I'm an extremely talented artist who takes risks and asks "why not?"
  • I'm always excited to take on a new challenge.
  • I'm in love with my ideas, but I will always allow you to express your own (unless there is just something on the tip of my tongue).
  • I'm human and I'm flawed but only in the best ways.
  • I love a good happy hour and a great life discussion.


    What am I capable of? 

    • I have written and self published a raw and raging album, Circuit Breaker.  
    • I have written and self published an imaginative and captivating children's book, Strange Beauty. 
    • I have written, filmed, and edited a romantic comedy, Single Interference.  
    • I have an engaging and incredibly humorous youtube channel.  
    • I have created vibrant and endearing designs for Redbubble and T-Spring. 
    • I have written several blogs for Bad Advice Good Intentions. 
    • I have thrown myself into Improv Comedy to conquer the stage and the unexpected.  
    • I have mastered classes in acting, improv, Adobe Illustrator, and Logic.

    How can I help? 

    • Let's collaborate! 
    • Need help with songwriting?  
    • Need help with scriptwriting? 
    • Need help with life coaching (hey I'm willing to give it a shot)? 
    • Need help with filming? 
    • Need help bringing your idea to life? 
    • Reach out! We all need a little help sometimes.