Betti Bot

Just rock on! You are the BoT!! Nobody else can be, there is only one!”

— Adam Pate

Circuit Breaker is a project near and dear to my heart. This EP of ranting pop trash music isn't for kids, but it's a great listen for more mature audiences. Betti Bot is still finding her voice and style as a musician, but we can all appreciate the journey. 

Birdy Brighton

Wow! What a creative book of poems! Cool way to learn about some very unique creatures! For kids and adults of all ages. Love the illustrations!”

— Natalie Long

Strange Beauty is a book of engaging characters, and delightful poems exploring our planet's exotic creatures. Birdy dares to ask the question, "What if  the powerful Mantis Shrimp was a hopeless romantic, or the odd and ugly Goblin Shark considered a beauty queen in our ocean's deepest darkest waters?" Birdy believes that the end of a good book is only the beginning of a real world adventure! She urges her readers to go out and discover more about these intriguing critters!

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